Must-Reads for Creatives 8.21.15 On Creative Moms + Transformation - In Tandem Blog -

Must-Reads for Creatives 8.21.15

This week’s Must-Reads for Creatives are for the creative moms feeling the guilt, comparison, overwhelm, fear and—underneath it all—growth and transformation. Let’s get real about our messy but rewarding endeavors!

This Week’s Must-Reads for Creatives:

We Are the Makers of Things >>>

Reclaiming Happiness in Motherhood >>>

Screen Time is a Feminist Issue >>>

Who Am I Now? The Anatomy of a Transformation >>>

Fucking Up, Quitting, and Other Thoughts About “The Work” >>>

How to Stop Comparing and Start Creating >>>

Why Your First Year in Business is the Time to Experiment & Evolve >>>

Why Do Some People Fear Failure, While You Fear Success? >>>

Reverse Bucket List: An Exercise in Gratitude >>> 

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Must-Reads for Creatives 8.21.15 On Creative Moms + Transformation - In Tandem Blog -

What are you up to this weekend? After a couple less-than-stellar workdays, I’m starting my weekend early! I enjoyed a Thursday night out with my mompreneur friends (thanks Nikki!). I’ve got a Friday date night with my husband (thanks to my inlaws!). The rest of my weekend is reserved for fun with my daughters, reading, and writing. Enjoy yours!

Share a Comment: What’s your toughest creative challenge lately? Where are you finding support?

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