Must-Reads for Creatives 11.6.15 On Creative Joys - In Tandem -

Must-Reads for Creatives 11.6.15

This week’s Must-Reads for Creatives support you in making the time and space for creative joys—at home, amid work, and leading up to the holidays. You don’t have to address all spheres of your life each day; carve out time for your goals across the week. You’ve got this.

This Week’s Must-Reads for Creatives:

On Being a Late Bloomer >>>

Overcoming Perfectionism Addiction >>>

12 Ways to Make an Art Studio at Home >>>

How to Make Time for Your Creative Outlets During the Holidays >>>

Creative Practices to Tame Holiday Anxiety >>>

No, It’s Not You: Why “Wellness” Isn’t the Answer to Overwork >>>

Invoking Joy >>>

Artist Alison Moritsugu >>>

The Looms in Our Bones (Stunning Art by Izziyana Suhaimi) >>> 

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Must-Reads for Creatives 11.6.15 On Creative Joys - In Tandem -

What are you up to this weekend? I’ve fit in some much-needed exercise (Zumba and Pilates); I feel better already. Otherwise, my weekend is delightfully unscheduled. I’ll enjoy time with my daughters (as I write this, my daughter is singing a song about November and showing me how she wrote the word over and over!) and enjoy some rest. I hope you have a good one.

Share a Comment: What are your creative joys? How do you create time + space for them?

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6 thoughts on “Must-Reads for Creatives 11.6.15

  1. I love the one about perfectionism. I suffer from that addiction. This weekend I will catch up on some reading and probably head to the beach for a nice long walk.

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