Must-Reads for Creatives 11.22.15

This week’s Must-Reads for Creatives support us in the busy lead-up to the holiday season. Cultivate awareness of what’s going well right now. Cut out anything unnecessary. Add in a few more simple joys. These are the choices we always have. Enjoy!

This Week’s Must-Reads for Creatives:

How to Hygge (or: 29 Ways to Actually Enjoy Winter) >>>

Savor & the Non-Toothache >>>

Avoiding What You Most Love >>>

Emotionally Drained? Losing Steam? Give it Space. >>>

Miniature Calendar (charming!) >>>

Art Place Japan (world’s largest art installation!) >>> 

Coming soon: the In Tandem Gift Guide for the Mindful Creative!

Must-Reads for Creatives 11.22.15 - Mindful Holiday Season - In Tandem -

What are you up to this weekend? Here in Detroit, we’re experiencing our first snowfall of the season. My weekend’s been full! On Friday, I took my daughter, Stella, to the doctor to see if her chair-bumping injury needed stitches or glue (nope). I got fresh highlights and a haircut before the holidays. And I enjoyed a dinner out with my husband while our daughters enjoyed an evening pizza-and-movie birthday party. On Saturday, I went to a group meditation gathering. And my family watched a movie and enjoyed (and spilled!) hot chocolate with marshmallows. Today, I’m cleaning house (and maybe setting up the Christmas tree, so we can enjoy it while we host Thanksgiving).

Enjoy your weekend and week!

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6 thoughts on “Must-Reads for Creatives 11.22.15

  1. Hi Julie, It’s another great round up. Emotionally Drained? Losing Steam? Give it Space. really resonates me with me right now. Wishing you and your family a Happy thanksgiving!

  2. Oh goodness that mini calendar is darling!

    And snow!?! I can’t even imagine but I also live in Texas so snow would shut down the state. The natives don’t know how to function with it which I find hilarious. Sounds like a lovely week! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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