Must-Reads for Creatives 11.1.15 - From Discomfort to Creative Curiosity - In Tandem -

Must-Reads for Creatives 11.1.15

This week’s Must-Reads for Creatives create an arc: we begin with posts that address our common creative challenges, and end with awe and curiosity. I’m a fan of working through discomfort (rather than stuffing it), stepping back to look at the big picture, and remembering the curiosity that drives it all…

This Week’s Must-Reads for Creatives:

The Day I Quit Writing >>>

Thoughts on Creativity >>>

Overcoming the 10 Biggest Obstacles to Creating >>>

Finding the Balance Between Freedom and Fear >>>

How to Spark Curiosity in Children by Embracing Uncertainty >>>

Man Carves Out Beautiful Caves >>>

Chile’s Atacama Desert is Now a Floral Wonderland >>> 

Must-Reads for Creatives 11.1.15 - From Discomfort to Creative Curiosity - In Tandem -

Latest In Tandem Post:

How to Make a Reverse Bucket List of Your Creative Pursuits

What are you up to this week? I’ve had an unusually fun Halloween week!

  • My family enjoyed a progressive dinner run by our babysitting co-op (appetizers at one house, dinner at the next, and dessert at the final house). It was kid-friendly (piñatas and dancing!) and parent-friendly (great company and great cocktails!). Who knew I’d go to the best Halloween party ever, with my kids? 😉  
  • I planned and ran successful Halloween parties in Odette’s preschool and Stella’s Kindergarten classrooms. At first, I worried I’d signed on for too much, but they ended up being truly fun creative outlets.
  • I decorated a colorful Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) skull pumpkin.

My Dia de los Muertos Pumpkin - In Tandem -

  • Trick or treating on the block north of us was a goldmine! One house offered “adult treats” (an array of shots to drink). One house had a dog dressed as a lion. And another hosted a full-on haunted house, with a spooky person laying on the sidewalk as we approached and a creepy butcher scene on the porch (shielded the kids some on that one).

Enjoy your week!

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Photo Credits: Night Sky by Greg Rakozy and Mountain Sky by Nitish Meena via Unsplash.


8 thoughts on “Must-Reads for Creatives 11.1.15

    1. Thanks. Yes, isn’t that one fascinating? 🙂 I loved your review of How to Raise an Adult; I was just telling my husband about how great the book sounds. I look forward to following along on your blogging journey! Take care.

  1. Another wonderful list Julie and thanks for including me again! I particularly enjoyed the Thoughts on Creativity piece and sparking curiosity in children. Great stuff. Have just signed up for your newsletter too. Cheers, Em.

    1. Of course, Emma! I absolutely love this piece–that second line hooked me. You’re a talented writer and I look forward to reading more.

      Thanks so much for signing up for my newsletter; it’s much appreciated.

      Take care!

    1. Hi, Ashley! Oh, how we can get in our own way sometimes! It can be the toughest work, but I’m reassured because we each have some control over own habits and mindsets. I’m really glad you popped by. Take care.

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