I see a world where women develop the creative habits and wellbeing to see their projects through.

In Tandem’s 2-Year Anniversary + My 7 Favorite Posts on Creativity

Just over two years ago, I stayed up late, writing and sharing my first blog post. I convinced myself it was good luck to go live on my daughter’s birthday. I’m not really superstitious. But, it felt kinda sweet to do it on a special day. The idea spurred me to bravery.

It felt vulnerable, yet exhilarating. I was encouraged as I watched the post views and comments come in. Many of my friends were up late too, as fellow parents carving out time for themselves!

These moments of creative risk fascinate me, both as they unfold in my own life and when I’m fortunate enough to watch them in others’ lives. It’s simultaneously scary and empowering to put our thoughts, ideas, products, and services out into the world!

As a feminist and an avid student of behavior change, I have a vision. I see a world where women develop the creative habits and wellbeing to see their projects through. Nothing excites me more.

My 2016 Successes:

I’ll take a moment to walk my talk. Here are my own successes of 2016. (I hope you’ll share yours in the comments below. Shed the minimizing modesty! You do so many cool things!)

My Personal Successes:

I deepened my meditation practice, my journaling practice, and my connections with friends (all required vulnerability!). I can say I really learned to feel my feelings with mindfulness. Regular practices were key, as well as working with a coach. It was a year of shifting from theory to practice, of walking my talk. I continued the things that worked well: the parenting approaches that suit my family; and the movement practices, like Pilates, Zumba, and yoga, that fuel me.

My Professional Successes:

I developed my coaching practice, working with several clients in beta mode. It’s been thrilling. I’ve met amazing people. I’ve honed many skills. I’ve loved the process of channeling my counseling and advocacy work experience (5 years and ~250 people!) into supporting women in pursuing their creative paths with wellbeing.

My style became a mix of creativity coaching and health coaching; I believe they go hand-in-hand. We gain meaning, health, and empowerment from pursuing both creativity and wellbeing in our lives.

So, I support women in the following: pursuing a creative discipline, developing a creative business, parenting creatively, and/or developing health and meditation habits. The process behind all of these is the same: you develop the skills to cope with overwhelm and anxiety, learn to internalize your strengths and accomplishments, set realistic goals and expectations, uncover small action steps, stay connected to your support people, and develop resilience and self-compassion.

A Coaching Series Giveaway!

In celebration of In Tandem‘s anniversary, I’m excited to offer two people a free six-session coaching series, to help you shift from overwhelm to clarity and self-compassion. 


Congrats to Lindsay, Marina, and Ale!

(3 entries stood out to me and I decided to open up another spot. So fun!)

It’ll be playful and insightful; take it from two of my clients this year:

“I would most certainly recommend creativity coaching with Julie to anyone I know starting their own business. She has a way of making a jumbled mess in my head make perfect sense.” —Bekah

“I would say that it is a life-changing opportunity. You can’t go wrong! Coaching helps connect you to yourself in so many different ways. It made me be more in touch with myself and determine what things I needed to let go of so I could see clearly what I actually wanted to do.” —Summer

Thanks so much for reading.

I wish you and your family a fabulously creative and well 2017!

Read on for my favorite posts of the year…

Don’t forget to share your own 2016 successes and 2017 visions in the comments below!

I see a world where women develop the creative habits and wellbeing to see their projects through.

My 7 Favorite Posts of 2017:

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P.S. Take a glance at 2015’s favorites + my manifesto.


Comment: Share one of your 2016 successes! What do you look forward to in 2017?

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2 thoughts on “In Tandem’s 2-Year Anniversary + My 7 Favorite Posts on Creativity

  1. Congrats on the anniversary, Julie! I’m always grateful to see your posts, your insights, and your successes. For myself, I was glad to end the year not feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and looking forward to a more consistent personal creative practice in 2017, as well as continuing to enjoy time with my children!

    1. Thanks so much, Nikki! Your words mean a lot to me (since you have a way with words yourself!). What a fabulous success for 2016; that must have felt so good! I love your plan to continue your personal creative practice and parenting enjoyments; those are important elements of a good life in my book too. Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope to catch up more soon!

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