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Hi, I’m glad you’re here. I’m Julie Fiandt, a writer, creative coach, and parent.

I help creative entrepreneurs get things done—without tossing their wellbeing out the window.

In Tandem is for creatives ready to turn overwhelm and procrastination into clarity and action. I have a soft spot for women with a creative dream burning amid their current work and parenting goals. That’s why I chose the name In Tandem: you can create amid work and parenting, and you can create while tending to your wellbeing.

I spent 15 years working for women’s health and wellbeing. But I never fully empowered myself to be visible and to turn my ideas into creative form. I worked jobs that didn’t challenge my potential. I stayed stuck in analysis paralysis when decisions rolled around. I was a late bloomer when it came to truly claiming my creative identity. But, along the way, I’ve:

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  • Volunteered with women’s health organizations
  • Studied, wrote, and taught while earning a Masters in Women’s Studies
  • Volunteered as a birth doula
  • Taught workshops on body image and media literacy
  • Counseled survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence
  • Studied and practiced meditation and mindfulness
  • and, my favorite, parented two beautiful young girls!

Today, I’ve rewritten my self-narrative. I see my experiences as connected and as the very foundation for coaching creative women. I reclaimed my identity as a writer, began to love exercise, built a meditation habit, and created entrepreneurial and parenting communities for myself. Now I write, coach, parent, and create in tandem.


Do you aspire to a creative life with wellbeing? Me too. Let’s connect.

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